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    1. Check valve basic performance and characteristics

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      ? ? ? ?Check valve, also known as the counter valve, check valve, back pressure valve, check valve. Such valves are automatically opened and closed by the force generated by the flow of the medium itself in the pipeline and are of an automatic valve. Check valve for the pipeline system, its main role is to prevent the media back to prevent the pump and its drive motor reversal, as well as the media medium discharge. The check valve can also be used on piping where the pressure may rise to the auxiliary system that exceeds the main system pressure.
      ? ? ? ?Check valve according to the different materials, can be applied to a variety of media on the pipeline.
      ? ? ? ?The check valve is mounted on the pipe and becomes one of the fluid parts of the complete line. The valve opening and closing process is affected by the transient flow of the system. In turn, the closing characteristics of the valve The role of fluid flow. Check valve is characterized by a large load changes, opening and closing frequency is small, a closed or open state, the use of the cycle will be very long, and does not require moving parts movement. But once the switch requirements, you must move flexible, this requires more common mechanical movement more harsh. Since the check valve is qualitatively determined for quick closing in most actual use, the medium flows in the opposite direction at the moment the check valve closes, and as the valve flap closes, the medium drops rapidly from the maximum return velocity Zero, and the pressure is rapidly rising, that is, the pipeline system may have a damaging effect of the "water hammer" phenomenon. For many pumps in parallel with the use of high-pressure piping system, check valve water hammer problem is more prominent. Water hammer is a kind of pressure wave in the transient flow in the pressure pipeline. It is caused by the change of the fluid velocity in the pressure pipe. The pressure rise or fall is caused by the hydraulic shock. The physical reason for the fluid is the incompressibility of the fluid, the combined effect of fluid motion inertia and duct elasticity. In order to prevent the water hammer hidden in the pipeline, over the years, people in the design of the check valve, using a number of new structures, new materials, to ensure the performance of the check valve at the same time, the impact of water hammer to minimize the impact Made gratifying progress.

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