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    1. Pipe network aging phenomenon worrying

      2016-10-30 Click:993

      Long before the occurrence of Lanzhou water pollution incident in Gansu Province, China's water supply industry in the long-standing problems exposed again in the public before: domestic water supply facilities and water supply network overtime service and aging failure is serious, high leakage rate. In this regard, some experts pointed out that the use of water pipes in the appropriate pipeline, such as the use of foreign high rate of ductile iron pipe, you can significantly reduce the leakage rate of China's water supply network.
      Pipe network aging phenomenon worrying
      Relevant departments of the water supply network survey results show that: the aging of the water supply pipeline, the domestic urban water supply pipe network leakage is very common, and showed an increasing trend year by year. Part of the surveyed urban water supply pipe network leakage rate of about 21.4%, some northern urban water supply pipe network leakage rate even up to 40%, far more than 12% of the national control standards.
      Relevant data show that in 2009 the city's urban water supply leakage of about 60 billion cubic meters, the annual loss of tap water value of more than 10 billion yuan. Another survey results show that 30% of the domestic water leakage occurred at the interface, which leak more pipes to cement pipes, galvanized pipes and gray cast iron pipe mostly.
      In this regard, the industry pointed out: If the selection of pipeline performance is reliable, leakage can be greatly reduced. National Steel Standardization Technical Committee cast iron pipe technical committee chairman Li Jun in an interview with the media had pointed out: If the use of centrifugal ductile iron pipe on the old water supply pipe network transformation, China's water supply pipe network leakage rate may be greatly reduced The Li Jun to 200 mm diameter ductile iron pipe as an example, said: "The manufacturer in the completion of the pipeline system design, the interface will have a positive internal pressure test and negative pressure experiments, both to ensure that the pipeline will not occur burst , Leakage events, but also to ensure that the external water will not penetrate the tube, to avoid causing pipeline water pollution.
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