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    1. Taizhou Tong Tong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Introduction

      2016-10-30 Click:981

      Taizhou City with the industry as a production-oriented enterprises, the role of quality is particularly important. Quality Department is the company's quality management and product quality inspection departments, through the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and accreditation and measurement certification, the main duties are:
      1. Organize the implementation of the relevant national laws and regulations, policies, regulations, develop quality policy, quality development planning, and organize the implementation.
      2. Responsible for organizing comprehensive quality management.
      3. Responsible for the organization of quality management system certification, product certification and production license certification and other quality system documents, maintenance company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system standards.
      4. Responsible for customer satisfaction analysis and evaluation work.
      5. Responsible for the organization and implementation of product purchase inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection.

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