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    1. Several main main use stainless steel materials

      2017-03-20 Click:995

      Material selection

      Many variable factors of corrosive medium characteristics, namely chemical and its concentration, atmospheric conditions, temperature, time, so if you don't understand the nature of the right of medium, it is difficult to use materials, select materials. The following can be used as a selection guidelines:

      The type 304 widely used material. Corrosion in the building can withstand, can resist food processing medium erosion (but with concentrated acid and chloride composition state of high temperature corrosion may occur), resistance to organic compounds, dyes and a wide range of all kinds of inorganic compounds.

      304 l (low carbon), nitric acid resistance is good, and durable medium temperature and the concentration of sulfuric acid, widely used for liquid gas storage tank, instruments used for cryogenic equipment (304 n), other consumer products, kitchen equipment, hospital equipment, transportation tools, waste water treatment plant. ?

      Type 316 a little more than 304 type contains nickel, and molybdenum containing 2% ─ 3%, the corrosion resistance is better than 304, 304 stainless steel tube, especially in inclined to pitting corrosion caused by chloride medium. Type 316 has been used as a sulfite pulp machine, because it is durable sulphate. Moreover, its use has expanded to handle many chemicals in the processing industry. ?

      Type 317 containing 3% - 4% of molybdenum (in this series is of high level), and contains more than 316 type of chrome, has higher resistance to pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion performance. ?

      Type 430-430 type alloy content is low, as in a mild atmosphere high polishing decoration purposes, also used for nitric acid and food processing equipment. ?

      Type 410 has the lowest in the three kinds of general purpose stainless steel alloy content, need strength and corrosion resistance with Gao Cheng force components selection, such as solid pieces. Type 410 in moderate in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and many moderate chemicals corrosion medium. ?

      2205 type 304 type and 2205 type is superior, because he have high resistance to chloride stress corrosion crack, and has about twice the strength.

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