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    1. The top ten advantages of stainless steel drinking water pipe

      2017-03-16 Click:977

      1, health: stainless steel materials safe non-toxic, non-corrosive and exudate, no odor or cloudy, will not cause secondary pollution to water, pure water hygiene, health safety guarantee perfection.

      2, corrosion resistant, fitting overall after solid solution treatment, pickling passivation treatment on the surface, not easy corrosion.

      3, strong: 304 material made of stainless steel pipe tensile strength greater than 530 N/mm, 2 times that of galvanized pipe, copper pipe of 3-4 times, PPR tube 8-10 times, and have good ductility and toughness.

      4, the quality of light: is the 1/3 of galvanized pipe, weight, especially suitable for high-level piping.

      5, low thermal conductivity, is 1/25 of the copper pipe, is 1/4 of copper pipe, heat bilges cold shrink is slow, is suitable for dark bury construction.

      6, environmental protection, no pollution to the construction site and does not pollute the environment.

      7, long service life: stainless steel pipe service life can reach 100, life cycle requires little maintenance, avoid the cost of the pipeline replacement and trouble, low operating cost, comprehensive use of cost (in terms of the service life of 50 years) is only 1/2 of the galvanized pipe, high-quality 1/4 of the PPR pipe, copper pipe 1/2.

      8, widely used: for drinking water pipe, gas pipe, medical gas supply pipe.

      9, easy to install, convenient installation, on-site don't need to be charged operation, a lifelong maintenance free installation, small damage to buildings.

      10, large diameter small flow: compared with the PPR pipe, 16 diameter stainless steel pipe more than 20 caliber PPR pipe flow.

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