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    1. The state of development of stainless steel pipes at home and abroad

      2017-03-08 Click:983

      1, in the United States, in 1996 through the clean water act, the metal material processing drinking water are clearly defined can only use stainless steel, and stainless steel pipes are used widely in the pipe between urban and rural areas in the United States.

      2, European countries since the 70 s stainless steel pipe for water supply system, and formed the relevant national standards and industry standards. Began in 1995, the Italian cities generally adopt a kind of don't have to dig a trench technology replaced the water pipe into the stainless steel pipe, Germany has a history of decades of the use of stainless steel pipe and stainless steel viega profi-press pipe in Germany has obtained the good development, and formulated the viega profi-press pipe fittings of national standard.

      3, in Japan, began to use stainless steel tube construction water supply system has been 40 years of history, the current supply stainless steel pipe used in the gas penetration rate reached 90%. In 2002, has more than 85% of households at building the original installation of copper tube, all kinds of plastic pipes removal, replace stainless steel pipe.

      4, compared with abroad, our country is still in the plastic pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe "three-pillar" state. In other countries has been out of the pipe varieties in the hype and widely used in our country on January 2, 2002, the national ministry of construction issued "the national civil building engineering design technical measures" : pipes, pipe fittings and measuring meter, the choice of appropriate priority choose stainless steel pipe. Because of various pipes, but the stainless steel to meet the people's health, no pollution, environmental protection, high mechanical strength, low leakage rate, construction is convenient wait for a request.

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