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    1. Installs pipe how to install the safest

      2017-03-06 Click:979

      1, when installing the PPR pipe or stainless steel pipes must cooperate with professional company, select normal pipe brand, external decoration luxurious luxury, but if to save money on the line is very unwise. Pipelines often critical crack or congestion, can cause conduit itself price is dozens of times, hundreds of times even incalculable consequences.

      2, must be a pressurization test after installation. Pressure testing is often done in the case of 1.5 times the pressure, in the test should be no slack phenomenon.

      3, in the absence of pressure under the condition of simple test method, but not completely feasible.

      1) total valve closed conduit. (that is, the water meter in front of the mains switch)

      2) open the faucet for 20 minutes in the room, make sure no water after dropping close all the tap.

      3) shut down the toilet water tank and washing machine which has the function of water storage device such as water switch.

      4) running water total valve.

      5) open the shutoff valves for 20 minutes after check to see if the water meter, including a slow walk.

      If there is, as the water is leaking. If there is no walk, may be ok. (if you have any questions or pipe micro seepage water meter, could be difficult to determine.) So suggest finish construction must be a water pressure test experiment, generally on 8 kg, 20 to 30 minutes. (best you personally)

      4, conduit to: suggest water pipe and the safest. Most mainly waterway renovation drainage tubes, and the characteristics of water is the water flows downwards. If go underground pipeline, the leakage occurred but it is hard to find in time, only water manjin hill or floor deformation and leakage downstairs and can find leaks, and because the pipe dark bury it is difficult to detect leakage. Huge losses but also cannot be redeemed at this moment, even seriously affected the friendly neighborhood relations; If the pipe at the top, can change the water of the high cost of some, but as a long-term investment, is worth it. Pipe cap, even if the leaking, can also be found in time, easy maintenance, are small losses.

      5, in daily life, if it is found that the following situation, please check as soon as possible to the pipeline:

      The pipe go underground:

      1) mould out of the bubble wall paint surface

      2) the line that play a base or a fine bubble black wood floor and surface

      Water go at the top:

      1) under the damp phenomenon to appear on the canopy or water droplets

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