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    1. Pipeline direct drinking water will be popular in the future

      2017-03-03 Click:949

      As our people's living standard is increasing day by day, people also more and more high, the more strict requirement for drinking water. Water environment worsening lead to conventional water treatment cannot completely remove the harmful ingredients in the water, the serious influence people's health. Straight drinking water pipe at the same time of removal of toxic and harmful substances, and trace elements needed to keep the human body, long-term drinking, for all ages of domestic water is high grade. Its characteristics are as follows:


      Using depth of film processing technology, in addition to the harmful material such as the organic pollution in the water;


      Network USES the food grade environmental protection health pipe and closed loop pipe network system, the water quality of fresh, without secondary pollution;


      Effectively prevent the foreign staff to send water in upscale community and office buildings.


      Straight drinking water pipe through special pipe directly to households or office area, only when the use twist on faucets can be safe and healthy drinking water, or deserve to enjoy cold, heat, both straight water dispensers. From phone order, artificial water, and further to avoid secondary pollution of bottled water.


      Straight drinking water pipe because of the centralized processing, scale operation, relative to bottled or bottled drinking water, their production cost and market price is greatly reduced, for the price of bottled water only 1/4 to 1/6;

      Rest assured

      Straight drinking water pipe system has the function of water quality on-line detection, health epidemic prevention station department of the state, regularly door-to-door inspection regularly at the same time, can absolutely rest assured to use.

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