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    1. Fire ball valve,industry standard released

      2017-02-09 Click:937
      At present, China's industrial Internet construction has been opened, to focus on breaking a number of key core technologies, combined with the implementation of major science and technology projects to speed up the capture of industrial Internet perception layer, network layer and application layer of key technologies. The sensing layer is the terminal part of the industrial Internet to identify the information, including the terminal, including the machine, equipment group, production line and other types of intelligent terminal information acquisition technology, including RFID tags, sensors, cameras, two-dimensional bar code, telemetry remote sensing And other sensing terminal information collection technology. The network layer is the central part of the industrial Internet for information transmission and processing. The network layer contains the integration technology of industrial heterogeneous heterogeneous networks, the IQ of industrial equipment and products, the access and utilization of industrial data, and the technology of industrial Internet architecture. Application layer is the industrial Internet support industry intelligent application, to achieve a wide range of intelligent platform, through information processing to achieve intelligent decision-making, providing a complete solution, mainly related to the control properties of embedded control technology, and interactive attributes of various hardware and software Tool platform. The following are the same as the "
      ? ? ? ?Fire fighting valve is the main component of the fire water supply pipeline, widely used in fire water supply system, foam fire extinguishing system, fire engines and other fire fighting facilities and fire equipment, its performance directly affects the stability and reliability of water supply pipelines. The original fire ball valve standard was developed in 1994, this revision work combined with the implementation of standards over the years and domestic and foreign related products, technological trends, and further improve the technical requirements of fire valve and test methods.

      The new version of the standard compared with the 1994 version, the technical content of the main changes made the following:

      1, increased the "drive way" classification;

      2, simplified the specifications, to the relevant standard selection DN (nominal size), and adjust the model preparation method;

      3, increased the length of the ball valve structure and connection size requirements;

      4, increased the ball valve flow channel requirements;

      5, increased the ball valve power drive device requirements;

      6, increase the overcurrent parts of the corrosion resistance requirements and test methods;

      7, increased the requirements of emergency operation handle;

      8, modified the pressure, sealing performance and static pressure life of the indicators;

      9, delete the ball valve coating color requirements;

      10, modified the ball valve packaging, transportation and storage requirements;

      11, increased the ball valve test procedures and the number of samples.

      ? ? ? ?The release and implementation of the industry standard, to meet the development needs of the fire valve industry, will greatly improve the water supply pipeline fire ball valve pressure capacity, a substantial increase in the safety of water supply pipelines, to further strengthen the product quality supervision and management, Products, new technologies to promote the use of the protection of people's lives and property will play an important role in security
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